When you think of mirrors, you think about these pieces of glass panels that you see yourself in. However, mirrors have been used since forever, not only for checking your reflection but also for adding beauty to a space. From beveling to antique, there are dozens of types of mirrors available on the market. This is why it can be quite a task for you to pick one for decorating your house. There are also many other decorative items that compete with mirrors, but mirrors have their unique place. Why are mirrors a perfect choice for decorative purposes? Here’s a look at some reasons:

Mirrors for Decoration

Mirrors have an upper hand on other decorative items and materials because they are quite affordable, available in all possible shapes and sizes, and their presence in a room is attention grabbing. Even if you don’t notice a mirror for its shape and style, you will definitely take note of your reflection in it and stop by. They can add life to your home’s décor at an affordable price. While art pieces can cost you thousands of dollars, you could purchase a different type of mirror for every room in the house at the same price.

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Mirrors were quite plain looking just a few years ago. Today, they are available in different shapes and designs, with some added features. A collage of different types of mirrors can be used on a wall to create a striking impact. You also have the option to choose between framed and frameless mirrors. It is a thing of the past to think of frameless mirrors as boring and lacking options. Today, you can find them in all geometrical shapes, floral designs, and odd shapes. You could decorate your walls with mirrors that are small as a coin or as big as the entire wall of a room.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing mirrors for decoration is the depth they add to the walls of your rooms. Due to this reason, mirrors are regularly used in small rooms and congested spaces. If you have a small room with a bed, dressing table, side tables, rugs and other items that have filled the room to its capacity, adding a mirror is the perfect way to create the illusion of space. A big mirror can add considerable depth and make the room seem bigger than it is. The placement of your mirror also matters big time to get the best effect.


The Different Types of Mirrors

There is a lot of stuff you need to consider before you pick a mirror for your room. You can differentiate between mirrors based on many factors. They can be different from each other based on the technique or process used for making them, their looks and type of frames. Here are the mirror types that are commonly used in modern homes:

Antique Mirrors

You can tell from the name that these mirrors reflect the aura of old times. These mirrors have been put through certain processes and treatments to add an antique look. They look beaten and worn out, but are a great decorative item for modern homes these days. Their aged look makes them the perfect choice for homeowners who love a vintage touch in their home décor. An antique mirror becomes even more invaluable when there is an antique frame behind it.

The imperfections of the frame and the smudges of “time” appearing on the mirror surface are the elements that really make an antique mirror a perfect decorative item. If you are daring enough, you can install this type of mirror even in your dressing room. However, they aren’t primarily designed to reflect perfectly. They are meant to add a mystique vibe to a room’s décor and serve as an item of decoration. You just have to decide which room in your house you want to give an antique look to.

Antique mirrors work great in bathrooms since many people tend to love the format of vintage styled bathrooms. Some people have shown significant interest in antique mirrors and installed them as kitchen backsplashes. They can also be a great addition to your vintage styled doors, if you have any in your house.

Beveled Mirrors

Beveled mirrors are definitely the ideal decorative items when it comes to combining minimalism and simplicity with elegance. Bevel mirrors have tapered edges. The middle part of the mirror is thicker than its edges, which have been beveled. The beveled edges can be 1-inch wide, or even more. This is a simple technique that turns an ordinary mirror into something that grabs your attention within seconds. Beveling mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, allowing to suit your preference.

A square or rectangular beveled mirror is a great choice as this particular shape highlights the beveling edges of the mirror. These types of mirrors can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and any part of the house where you need stylistic touches. A large, square piece of beveling mirror right in the middle of the top cabinet of your vintage bathroom will add striking beauty. It is a good idea to leave some space between any piece of furniture and the beveling mirror for its beveled surface to be clearly visible. The beveled effect of the mirror serves like a frame for the mirror.

Tinted Mirrors

You can use tinted mirrors for a range of applications. How well you use colored mirrors depends on the extent of your creativity. These mirrors are perfect for places where you want to make an impact and create a strong impression. Think about an in-home office with one side of the wall fully covered with tinted mirror. You can choose from green, blue, brown and other options because these mirrors are available in virtually any color you can think of. Tinted mirrors look best when you install a huge mirror in the room. A small mirror will not have the same effect as a big one.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of a big panel of colored mirrors or you don’t have the space for it, you might want to go with a number of small mirrors. These tinted mirrors can be incorporated as a collage on your plain wall and it will appear as a piece of art. Just like other mirrors, these mirrors are also available in different geometrical and odd shapes. How about a round blue mirror behind one of your favorite vases?


Gold Veined Mirrors

Gold veined mirrors are unique in the way they look and are made. The gold veins that appear on the face of the mirror might not seem special unless you are passionate about old times. If you have cherished memories from the 1960s and 70s era, you are going to fall in love with gold veined mirrors. They were not common in the past couple of decades due to the arrival of many new styles of mirrors. However, they have made a big comeback in the recent times.

Gold veins look the best on round and oval shaped mirrors. It is up to you to decide if you want a frame around the mirror or not, but having a frame around gold veined mirror will be a better choice. With a frame you will be able to create a complete feel of the 1960s era. You can create this effect on the cabinet mirrors in your bathroom. To make the most of this amazing type of mirror, use a golden theme in one of your bathrooms and turn the wall behind your tub into a big gold veined mirror. Put a few candles here and there and your bathroom will look mind blowing.

Etched Mirrors

Etched mirrors are the mirrors with unique shapes and patterns on them that are created using a couple of different techniques. Your options with etched mirrors are unlimited, and you can even install them in any room of your house. You can decide whether you want the whole surface of your mirror to be etched or just the sides. If you want the full face of the mirror to be etched, it will purely serve as a decorative item since you won’t be able to see your face in the etched portions of the mirror. With etching on the edges, you can use the mirror for your dressing table or even a bathroom closet.

The best thing about etched mirrors is that the designs they feature are etched into the mirror. You could not scratch the designs off the mirror’s surface. The design does not fade with time. Large etched mirrors serve as a great backdrop in bedrooms. Pick your favorite shape, pattern or design and have a large etched glass mounted as the backdrop of your bed. Etched mirrors are a great choice for kitchen backsplashes as well. They look beautiful, they can be cleaned easily and the water marks and spots are not that easily visible on their surface.

Other Things to Consider

When buying a mirror for decorative purposes, you should make sure to explore all your options so you can pick the best one. Other than the effects and glass materials, you will also have to check out the different styles of mirrors. Mirrors can be pasted on the wall, hung on nails or can even be placed in the rooms as standalone items. You can even consider portable mirrors. Floor mirrors are a great example of portable design. These mirrors have strong frames and they are not attached to a furniture item. You can lift them up and carry them to any room you want.

Swinging mirrors are also a great option, not only for decoration, but for checking your reflection. These mirrors can be swung up or down to change the angles. They are perfect when you want to see your entire body in the mirror and not just the upper portion. Using the swinging feature, you can even check how your shoes appear.


Let the Professionals Do the Work for You

With so many websites dedicated to DIY projects, an increasing number of people are tempted to do things on their own. However, most of these people realize later that they don’t have the skills or experience to install mirrors on their own and should have considered hiring professionals in the first place.

At first glance, it might seem easy to install mirrors in the house but different jobs require different skills. Large mirrors can be quite heavy depending on their thickness. If they fall for some reason, they can literally crush your toes or whatever comes underneath them. Mounting huge pieces of mirrors on the walls is another big challenge. Only professionals can make sure your mirror is installed perfectly, without any crooked sides.

The great thing about using professional services is you have the installation process customized to your requirements.

A custom job starts from a concept rather than starting from you having to choose from the limited options. When you look into ready-made mirrors, you have to pick from what’s available. But what if those hundreds of mirrors aren’t really a fit for what the ideas you have in your mind?

Sometimes, you want to create a look that is exclusive to you. That’s when custom-cut mirrors can really cut it for you. The finished look of a customized mirror job cannot be compared to anything else. Your mirror fits perfectly into place, complements the décor of your room, serves its purpose well and exudes nothing but perfection and elegance.

All in all, selecting the right type of mirror and investing in professional installation can help you create the perfect look in any room of your house.

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