Custom Shower Doors

Custom shower enclosure is the choice to make when completing your sleek and modern bathroom. The personalized touch of the custom shower doors made from unique pieces specialized for your measurements will give your shower the perfect, artisan look.

The glass shower door divides your space into zones without hiding anything from view, maximizing your bathroom’s size. Our eco-friendly and durable glass enhances the visual element of your shower without calling attention to itself.

The main function of the custom made shower doors is to divide the room without limiting it spatially. You are given the benefits of a solid wall without cutting the room’s visual quality. We build our shower doors with a special hardened glass that withstands drastic temperature changes. We focus on the usual weakness of these doors – the plastic gasket edge – to ensure maximum safety for all our clients.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

The frameless shower door may be the most elegant customizable piece of your bathroom. These shower doors are made entirely of glass panels and are connected with metal connectors. Each design is fully customized to fit your shower, and the lack of rubber or metal edges gives your frame a rich, modern look no other enclosure can achieve.

Sliding Shower Enclosures

If your bathroom is getting tight, sliding shower doors will fit right in. Its functionality is traditional and simple, with a door you simply press to the side as you go in and out. Any small apartment or bathroom will reap the benefits of sliding custom shower doors’ minimalist yet spacious design.

Neo-Angle Shower Enclosures

If your shower is in the corner of your bathroom, the neo-angle shower enclosures are the enclosures for you. They are designed in three panels — the door standing between an angled panel on either side. Neo-angle custom shower doors surround you in a glass chamber, with the door opening into the bathroom.

Shower Splash Guard

Upgrading or renovating your bathroom for a more modern look will be all for nothing if your floors are ruined by water damage — the shower splash guard will prevent this. Fixed splash guards for your baths are water resistant, reliable, durable, and will last a lifetime.

Glass curtains provide the same safety, either mobile or fixed. With glass professionally tempered, tinted, or frosted, and with a thickness up to 8mm and shock safe, the glass will refuse to break, leaving you safe from accidents and falls.

Steam Shower Enclosures

With today’s technology, steam showers are more advanced than they have ever been before. Just a touch of a button and you will be surrounded by steam. But it is a system rooted in complexity, and your steam shower door plays a huge role in keeping you safe. The door must help distribute the steam evenly within your cabin, while securing all the steam inside to protect the rest of your room from possible damages.

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